Diva of Solway

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

on the Hamster Wheel

Today went well. I got good serious attention from a legendary musical director today (MD on many many original Bwy shows). I don't mean praise, I mean that discerning one eyed look while the other eye scans your resume, and asks for more selections from your "book". The pursed lips, the curt nod. This means soooo much more than the "that was great, thank you" type comment. And then someone else told me I was put in the "glamourous" pile. I can still pull off glamourous? woah. I thought I was starting to head toward the "bag lady character" pile. Then I came home to find this article. Sums up the situation quite nicely.

The Empty Spaces
Or, How Theater Failed America

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

10' Off Of Beale

UPTA was fab this year. I think I might have really accomplished something besides paarrrtaaaaying this time around. (not to say that wasn't a large part of the weekend). But fingers are crossed right now - don't wanna jinx it *see note

And how many times have I made this annual Memphis pilgrimage WITHOUT GOING TO BEALE STREET? (of COURSE I've done the Graceland Tour, silly question) Sunday I hooked up with a crowd of elders and drove downtown to the Blues District. We wandered, and ended up at the Club 152. The After Dark Band did funk 80s covers to perfection, I danced so hard the arches of my feet are still fatigued. Then we schlepped back to the hotel, and I laughed so hard I'm still hoarse. It's my philosophy that you HAVE to make what could be a very unpleasant soul-destroying convention into an opportunity to just cut loose.

*note I do not believe in jinxes, omens, good luck charms, spells, rituals, etc. This is simply my stock positive answer for anyone outside the biz who asks "how did it go?" If they hated me, I fess up to that, but I don't like telling about callbacks that, in all likelihood , end up in nada. I despise people asking "why aren't you in Ames Iowa playing Countess Aurelia now? I thought they liked you? what happened? why didn't you get the part?" Until people have seen it from the inside, they just don't get it. It's the same peeps who love to ask "how come you never did TV or movies?" gee, why didn't I? what a great idea. I'm gonna go book myself a big box office blockbuster tomorrow.