Diva of Solway

Friday, January 25, 2008

Big Muddy Bound

So in 2 weeks I once again make the annual Memphis pilgrimage. People tend to think that Memphis and Knoxville are kin to each other - believe me, the only thing they have in common is the 2 letters at the end of the snail mail address. It takes a full 6 hrs drive, and that's REALLY flying. and you'll cross a time zone.

I confess to being unready. I have not picked out my presentation material, and worse yet, I have not picked out *gasp* the 4-5 eyepopping entrance making outfits I will need. I can always fall back on old standbys for my 90 secs of glory, I CANNOT fall back on old clothes. Not in this lifetime.
Next weekend, however, is a relaxing family get together with a little PBR. My fav rider this yr is without a doubt Guilherme Marchi, who has placed 2nd 3 yrs in a row, and is undoubtably the most consistant rider in the league.
Easy on the eyes, n'est-ce pas? and he rides bulls, too!!.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Including the Crying

So, the fat lady sang a lullaby to a big black and white dog. Or, rather, to a guy on all 4s in a furry, smelly costume. I'll miss it, but its good to be home. Hope I made friends and kept bridges in good repair for re-entry.

Time to lose some weight and move forward. A ski vacation, take in some bullriding, then back on the audition treadmill for spring.