Diva of Solway

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Formerly Stands With A Fist

So I'm back at the world's greatest regional theatre. Working for the world's greatest boss.

In a decade far removed, I went thru a humiliating interview for this company. Dismissed with "You will never work here" in so many words. I carried that festering sore in my crusty old heart. Often I would wake up in the middle of the night, sit straight up in bed, shake my fist at the unsympathetic darkness, and cry out DAMN YOU ASF!!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!! ok I never really did that but I certainly grumbled "big F'in' deal" under my breath whenever a friend booked a role here.

Now I'm in my 2nd show here. and life couldn't be better. (i was offered a 3rd show I couldn't take do to scheduling but we gotta keep that on the downlow, cuz I wouldn't want that ever so worthy actress to know she was SECOND CHOICE).

A radio interviewer actually got me to spill that humiliation story on air last month. Swore I'd never let anyone here know about it. Oh well. Now I'll defend ASF with my dying breath.