Diva of Solway

Friday, March 02, 2007

Light the Fuse, and Place the Bets

Received a unique phone call the other night, asking if I was "still available" for a project I'd been called back for last mo. No offer, just asking that. I had plenty of questions myself, so I kept the person (who had never met me at any of my interviews) on the line quite awhile..

After hanging up it occured to me, I was not their first choice for this project, and who ever they had offered it to was hemming and hawing about a decision. They were using me and my ready availability to force her hand. I have become a method of hedging their bets.

Its entirely possible I've been in this position before and was just unaware of the whole by-play. I'm used to being a pawn in this evil game, now I'm also a bargaining chip. .

I wasn't born yesterday.