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Monday, February 05, 2007

Walkin' in Memphis

heading over to the Land of the Delta Blues for the annual UPTAs - aka 3 Days of Solid Drinking. I haven't even picked out the material for my 90 secs yet. I HAVE, however, picked out my outfit and THAT is the important thing, n'est-ce pas? Telsey is supposed to be there for the first time ever. I should maybe do a little research (thanks, Geico Caveman) and see what they are casting. With the absense of Dave Clemmons this yr, I should focus my presentation on Telsey.

Instead of having one hotel for talent (hey, THEIR words, not mine) and a different hotel for producers/callbacks, everyone is in one big happy slumber party this yr. Should make for a very different atmosphere. Hard to imagine how the event could be even MORE fun and raucous than the past 10 yrs, but I gotta feeling that more bar space, and being able to take the elevator upstairs to crash is gonna be a BIG plus. Plus there will be even breakfast shmoozing opportunities that were unavailable w/ the enforced seperation of previous events. I'm on a starvation diet in preparation. I've lost 11 lbs.


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