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Sunday, February 18, 2007

UPTA Yours!

Starting small in 95, UPTA has grown beyond anyone's wildest expectations. I attended the very first, and was so disappointed I did not return for 5 yrs, after alot of prodding from comrads who assured me things were improving. Returning in the New Millenia, a new aura surrounded the event. Biz wise, things weren't really better pour moi, but the festival atmosphere had permeated and it became a tax write-off event to attend just for the fellowship. There were shows to see and mixers to mingle at, without the pervasive "academia" that has taken over SETC and similar combined auds. In fact, many producers have abandoned SETC in favor of UPTA on account of the academic bull that goes on for an entire week. read: We'll never make any money at our theatre, we just want to pass on our legacy to the "young people" by making them slave labor for awhile. gaaaaaah.
So after all these yrs of not a nibble, I've gotten the tiniest bit of interest growing.

Over 100 casting directors attended this yr. I targeted 3 companies, 2 of whom turned up their noses completely. But the 3rd expressed as much interest as an old girl could ever seriously hope for.

And the new hotel made ALL the difference. While some miscalculations were made, the hotel manager had daily meetings w/ the event organizer on how to fix probs. The restaurant was open additional hrs for us. Beer/wine bars were set up to take the strain off of the bartenders. Free coffee always in the lobby, free breakfast, and 2 free drinks per evening. The former hotel (which had housed UPTA 11 YEARS IN A ROW) had no lunch, would close the restaurant at 9 pm,(knowing full well dancers would show up starving at 11) and pretty much acted shocked EVERY YR when 1000 people would descend on the bar nightly. Good Riddence, old hotel. You took UPTA for granted at your own peril.


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