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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Purple Hip Replacements

I heard tell there was some footballin' going on last weekend, but that was all overshadowed by his Royal Rainness. Is it true that he had hip replacement? WTF? and the rumor being that the wear and tear was caused by his penchant for high heeled boots. Chillun, if high heels are the cause of hip replacement I'da had mine plasticized in my early 20s. At the dawn of the disco decade, my farrier hammered a pair of cigarette stilletos onto my cloven hooves and there they have remained.

But back to the point, how is it I have never seen The Little Man live? I've been a mega fan from the git-go. I have often put "Pink Cashmere" on repeat play for hrs at a time. I have buds who aren't even really INTO Prince that have seen him live many times. One reason might be my husband would rather have a pencil in his eye than accompany me to an event where I might squeal uncontrollably. Other favs I've never seen live: Earth Wind & Fire. U2. Aretha. Situation must be remedied.

At least hubby and I share a common love of Bull Riding as a spectator sport. We are getting our PBR tix tomorrow night for next weekends event.http://www.pbrnow.com/competition/ent/eventLoad.cfm?ID=07-531

I was once in a show where being in possession of rare tix to the Rodeo finals in Vegas counted as an "excused absense". but that's another blog for another day.


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