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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my enthusiastic hopes once again dashed upon the rocks of antipathy

so I submit for Dolly out in CA. Not expecting my p/r to even be taken note of, but yesterday I get a message on the machine from the theatre outside of San Francisco, wondering if I still want to audition for Dolly. Naturally, I plug into several discount travel search engines to see how cheaply I can get to SF, where i actually have friends anyway. Come to find out, its cheaper to fly to SF from here than to NYC anyway.

So I'm pretty up about a tax write off trip, no matter how it turns out. I finally speak to a real human out there today, who wants me to submit a video of myself singing Dolly songs, doing Dolly monos, and "a bit of movement". Now, on my end, that involves a pianist, a videographer, and an editor. Its always been my opinion that a good performer can look like crap on a poor quality tape; subsequently, a talentless wannabe can be made to look pretty damn sharp w/ sound enhancement and groovey techno editing.

So the fact that these people don't wanna see me in person was disheartening, to say the least. They said it would be better if I came to San Francisco for their season auditions in Dec, (when Dolly is ready to close) or in NYC next spring (for god only knows what season). What is the likelihood of there being a role for a late 40s belting diva in next seasons line up? If ya don't wanna see me for Dolly, I'm getting the feeling you aren't really thinking about where I'll fit in "next season".


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