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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cumberland Co. auditioning in NYC

so our local central time zone venue will be up in the Big Apple in 2 weeks lookin' fer Equity Guest artists. Interesting to note that they are using Bob Cline to cast, when I've never seen anyone but Jim or Abby sitting in on any casting.


which begs the question, do you go in and audition for a theatre AGAIN when someone else will be behind that desk? (not that there is anything for me in the several incarnations of Smoke on Brokeback Mountain). When the head honcho has seen you audition about 43 times w/ out bothering to even give a slight nod for effort, do you bother trying to slip past a new CD even tho eventially the choice will be up to the same head honcho? should we all stop wasting everyone's time?

I know alot of actors who will write off a certain theatre that doesn't use them after 3 or 4 auds. They get it in their heads that the company really hates them, and just has a pick on them. The reality is the Art. Dir. is just thinking "uh, now who are you again?"


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