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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Clarence Brown Auditions

well they have finally gotten around to announcing some additional auditions. Note carefully, the auditions are posted on Aug 8, for appts on Aug 19. This in itself is not a problem, except the first show on the list went into rehearsel July 31. Does this mean they are doing some last minute emergency casting of Born Yesterday? wouldn't that say "call immediately"? They are going to wait til Aug 19 to finish casting a show that opens Aug 24? They must really think actors are stupid.


Also note they want 2 monologues even tho one of the shows is a musical. I'd advise you NOT to expect an accompanist when you traipse in w/ your 16 bar cut.

I suppose if you are the right type for Fences this is a wonderful opportunity.

Or perhaps they are just going thru the motions AGAIN. They've had this "open equity call" already once this yr (march) and were so suprised no one showed up. That last call, they hadn't announced the season. Now this time around, they claim to be casting shows already in rehearsel.

It's always like beating your head against a wall with them.


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