Diva of Solway

Thursday, August 24, 2006

short term memory

trying to stop obsessing over my mistakes at my audition yesterday. There was no one more suitable than me present at the auds, and then I go and mess it up right at the finish. I've heard Ritelin works wonders at erasing everthing that happened this week.

oh well, often times there has been no one more suitable, and i DIDN'T mess up, and still wasn't cast.

onward and upward.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the splendor of the Big Apple

ah, Newark airport. ah, the 7 train. ah, sunnyside Queens. Hi Ho the Glamourous Life.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

switching gears from Patsy to Tammy

the Blowing Rock callback did not materialize, and I now have to prepare for an appt wednesday for Stand By Your Man. I'll be flooding my brain w/ every nuance and intonation on the plane trip up w/ my old discman. after all, it HAS been 4 yrs since I've played Tammy.

At the CBC auds, the upcoming Xmas Kiddie Musical was not even mentioned and no piano was anywhere to be found, so all that preparation of a new kid-friendly up-tempo was for naught.

I should have heard by now if I was still being considered for My Deah.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

oh, just give in and do it

so I wimped out and made an appointment for CBC. So they are "thinking about" having an accompanist since they are AUDITIONING FOR A MUSICAL. Talking to who ever the phone answering drone is (its been the same person for MANY yrs) they made my appointment and asked me how to SPELL MY NAME.
ahem, you can spell it D-I-V-A.

Blowing Rock went well. After the interminable drive over there, I may have come off as a bit hyper. The AD acted as if I was the answer to their every prayer. Which probably means I will never hear from them again.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Over Thinking

so in the many troubled hours spend wondering why the encouraging message on monday, then the DIScouraging convo on tuesday, I came up w/ one logical reason: in that 24 hr period they FOUND THEIR DOLLY.

I'm still debating whether or not to make the stupid tape. Who does that sort of thing? what do they sound like? I've gone as far as copying large parts of the score, and I have a willing accompanist. but who will do hair and makeup? do those cameras allow for sound editing? who will do that? and have it in the hands of Sierra Rep ASAP? do they realize it would cost me less to fly out there than involve all the people it'll take to make this (what will most likely be)crappy video? and I still can't find a script to memorize her monos.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my enthusiastic hopes once again dashed upon the rocks of antipathy

so I submit for Dolly out in CA. Not expecting my p/r to even be taken note of, but yesterday I get a message on the machine from the theatre outside of San Francisco, wondering if I still want to audition for Dolly. Naturally, I plug into several discount travel search engines to see how cheaply I can get to SF, where i actually have friends anyway. Come to find out, its cheaper to fly to SF from here than to NYC anyway.

So I'm pretty up about a tax write off trip, no matter how it turns out. I finally speak to a real human out there today, who wants me to submit a video of myself singing Dolly songs, doing Dolly monos, and "a bit of movement". Now, on my end, that involves a pianist, a videographer, and an editor. Its always been my opinion that a good performer can look like crap on a poor quality tape; subsequently, a talentless wannabe can be made to look pretty damn sharp w/ sound enhancement and groovey techno editing.

So the fact that these people don't wanna see me in person was disheartening, to say the least. They said it would be better if I came to San Francisco for their season auditions in Dec, (when Dolly is ready to close) or in NYC next spring (for god only knows what season). What is the likelihood of there being a role for a late 40s belting diva in next seasons line up? If ya don't wanna see me for Dolly, I'm getting the feeling you aren't really thinking about where I'll fit in "next season".

Cumberland Co. auditioning in NYC

so our local central time zone venue will be up in the Big Apple in 2 weeks lookin' fer Equity Guest artists. Interesting to note that they are using Bob Cline to cast, when I've never seen anyone but Jim or Abby sitting in on any casting.


which begs the question, do you go in and audition for a theatre AGAIN when someone else will be behind that desk? (not that there is anything for me in the several incarnations of Smoke on Brokeback Mountain). When the head honcho has seen you audition about 43 times w/ out bothering to even give a slight nod for effort, do you bother trying to slip past a new CD even tho eventially the choice will be up to the same head honcho? should we all stop wasting everyone's time?

I know alot of actors who will write off a certain theatre that doesn't use them after 3 or 4 auds. They get it in their heads that the company really hates them, and just has a pick on them. The reality is the Art. Dir. is just thinking "uh, now who are you again?"

Clarence Brown Auditions

well they have finally gotten around to announcing some additional auditions. Note carefully, the auditions are posted on Aug 8, for appts on Aug 19. This in itself is not a problem, except the first show on the list went into rehearsel July 31. Does this mean they are doing some last minute emergency casting of Born Yesterday? wouldn't that say "call immediately"? They are going to wait til Aug 19 to finish casting a show that opens Aug 24? They must really think actors are stupid.


Also note they want 2 monologues even tho one of the shows is a musical. I'd advise you NOT to expect an accompanist when you traipse in w/ your 16 bar cut.

I suppose if you are the right type for Fences this is a wonderful opportunity.

Or perhaps they are just going thru the motions AGAIN. They've had this "open equity call" already once this yr (march) and were so suprised no one showed up. That last call, they hadn't announced the season. Now this time around, they claim to be casting shows already in rehearsel.

It's always like beating your head against a wall with them.

Monday, August 07, 2006

no autographs, please

I AM the Diva of Solway. no point in arguing. just accept my Divatudity.